Basketball PBP data

June 9, 2012

Over at the BasketballGeek website, Ryan Parker has been doing some interesting work on player analysis.  One of the things he does is to look at exactly where on the floor a player is standing when he takes a shot — using x,y coordinates to show the relationship to the basket.  It’s interesting stuff, and Ryan makes the raw play-by-play data available for download.  You can donwload single games as CSV files or grab a whole season.

Another good source for NBA play-by-play is Aaron Barzilai’s Basketball Value website.  He has made team and player data available going back to the 2005-06 season.  Aaron uses the data to come up with some innovative plus/minus ratings for both players and 5-man lineups.

Both sites are a great resource for raw data, and for some really good analytical work.

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