Research groups and reference sources

January 14, 2013

This is a list of established organizations that are involved in sports research, as well as a number of sites that have downloadable data sets. I put this together sometime in 2012, and it probably deserves to be updated.  If you think there;s something that should be added to this list, send me an email […]

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Online Interactive: NFL Play Effectiveness tool

January 12, 2013

There us an interesting new interactive tool that lets you analyze the effectiveness of NFL team’s drives and individual plays. It was built by Scott Sawyer, and it uses some of the play-by-play data made available by Brian Burke at his Advanced NFL Stats website. Sawyer shares some examples of things his tool can identify, […]

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Football play-by-play data

May 1, 2012

Brian Burke of Advanced NFL Stats has just released a treasure trove of data for football researchers.  He’s converted the play-by-play accounts for games to CSV files, going back to the 2002 season. These files are the first step towards what I hope might become a Retrosheet-like project for football, allowing complex analysis at a […]

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