College basketball stat sheets

January 10, 2013

Interesting new collection of original source material compiled by Justin Kubatko at He’s collected and posted scans of stat sheets from hundreds of Division I schools, some dating as far back as 1945.  Justin describes the challenges of doing research in this area, and hints at the possibility of eventually converting these to data files.

College basketball is a difficult sport for statisticians. There are currently 347 Division I programs, more than 11 times the number of NBA teams. Due in part to the large number of teams, complete college basketball stats are hard to come by (we currently have complete Division I stats back to the 1998-99 season).

We have had scans of historical college basketball stat sheets for some time, but the process to get them on the site was a bit laborious. However, I happy to announce today that we have added scans of stat sheets for 326 different schools, accounting for 8404 team seasons .

Our hope is to one day replace these scans with stat tables that you can sort, etc., but for now we hope you enjoy this addition to the site.

There are gaps, but this is a considerable step forward for those interested in college basketball research.  Here’s a look at Pete Maravich’s senior season at LSU, or George Mikan’s junior year at De Paul.  This is a treasure trove.

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