Online Interactive: NFL Play Effectiveness tool

January 12, 2013

There us an interesting new interactive tool that lets you analyze the effectiveness of NFL team’s drives and individual plays.

It was built by Scott Sawyer, and it uses some of the play-by-play data made available by Brian Burke at his Advanced NFL Stats website.

Sawyer shares some examples of things his tool can identify, like this analysis of the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles play calling.

The stats show Andy Reid’s Eagles performed poorly when down a score in the final 2 minutes. The biggest problem seems to be the terrible 34% pass success rate and a below average plays-per-drive (4.4 compared to 4.7). Two-minute drill drives ended in 11 picks (21.2%), 12 turnovers on downs (23.1%), and 10 TDs (19.2%). They ran out of the clock 9 times. Their scoring percentage was 25% compared to a league average of 33.4%. Good luck Kansas City!

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