Women in Baseball

February 13, 2013

In 1994, I wrote a short little blog post about the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. Not a month has gone by that I don’t get an email from a student somewhere who’s writing a report on the subject and looking for more information. I thought I’d take this opportunity to list a handful of good sources, most of which weren’t around 20 years ago.

A number of universities have collections relating to the league, and one of the best websites among those is from the folks at Ball State University.  it’s got a detailed history, photo galleries, and a bibliography that points to other good sources.

I mentioned two books in my blog article.  One was by Sue Macy, who continues to write about the AAGPBL at her blog from time to time.

Barbara Gregorich’s book Women at Play was one a highlighted in my blog post, and since then, Barbara had the brilliant idea of publishing her notes and source material in eBook form.  It’s an invaluable resource  for researchers.

More recently, some of the women who participated in the league have formed The AAGPBL Players Association. Their website has a fairly exhaustive player register, a record book, and a treasure trove of other information.  It’s also a way to get in touch with former players.


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